3DEXPERIENCE for Executives

Project Planner

Project Planner lets users unify business processes and get progress updates, task turndown, and resource usage for complete visibility into project progress. It also enables one to dynamically add dependencies, update timelines, and set milestones to ensure projects stay on track. CAD data is attached to tasks, so it’s easy to maintain version control and track task progress with full visibility to all stakeholders.

Collaborative Business Innovator

Unite team members in all locations and within all disciplines in a secure shared environment that facilitates collaboration and builds knowledge sharing into business processes. Communities, instant messaging, information dashboards, powerful search capabilities and other features empower team members with critical information, validation, collaborative capability and helpful feedback.

Collaborative Industry Innovator

Get maximized visibility into and control over critical business data at every step of the involved processes with features such as comprehensive data management, lifecycle management, revision and version control, workflow/route management, issue and change management, review and markup capabilities and task management.

Social Business Analyst

Make better decisions faster by aggregating information from online sources, comparing and analyzing shared metrics with the team members and automate distribution of actionable insights so that the vital tasks are executed swiftly. A huge online content source library facilitates the tracking of  topics of interest, analyze trends, and to automate analytics to send real-time alerts.