SOLIDWORKS flow Simulation

About SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation focusses on the Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) of liquids and gases. It provides dynamic feedback on the fluid flow and thermal performance of the designed products. It is a fully integrated multidisciplinary environment to conduct CFD analyses more effectively.

Capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

  • Simulation Visualization – Simulate the parts and assemblies under various types of loads to visualize Deformations, Vibration modes, Contact behavior, Optimization alternatives and Flow trajectories
  • Fluid Flow Analysis – Fluid flow analysis provides meaningful insights into the impact of the flow of gases and liquids in different engineering scenarios.
  • Thermal Fluid Analysis – Determine the impact of cooling and design changes on assembly temperatures like detecting hot spots, improving thermal isolation, reducing overheating and improving thermal performances.
  • Free Surface Dynamics – Test and Simulate the transient conditions of freely moving surface between two fluids that don’t mix.

Features & Benefits Of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

  • SOLIDWORKS Integration – CFD analyses can be directly applied on the models in the SOLIDWORKS CAD user interface without importing or exporting geometry.   
  • Analysis automation – Determine the best design for different kinds of flows and thermal scenarios based on the provided parameters and variables.
  • Guided Analysis – Variety of CFD scenarios can be easily set up with the help of the Analysis Wizard through a guided process.   
  • Fluid Volume Recognition – Automatically recognize the fluid volume in the designs based on the type of analysis. 

HVAC Applications Module

The HVAC Applications Module includes the functionalities required for modeling complex heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. It provides additional capabilities for simulation of radiations and pollutants.

Electronics Cooling Module

The Electronics Cooling Module (ECM) is available as an add-on for SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and provides additional materials and material models that are specific to circuit board and PCB enclosure analysis. It evaluates thermal properties and cooling requirements for standard components.s