About SOLIDWORKS Inspection

SOLIDWORKS Inspection automates the ballooning of engineering drawings and 3D files with Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI). It automatically captures inspection dimensions and also creates industry-standard inspection reports.

Capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Inspection

  • Automatic Balloons – Automatically add the specified balloon inspection dimensions and capture characteristic features.
  • Export Results – The finished drawings can easily be exported as PDF and Inspection sheets to excel files.
  • Any CAD system support – Inspection documents can be created irrespective of the existing CAD system.
  • Optical Character Recognition – SOLIDWORKS Inspection uses optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically read and identify the type of dimensions, their value and their tolerances.
  • Automated Data Entry – Once the parameters are set in SOLIDWORKS Inspection’s templates as per the company or industry standards, the values are auto populated whenever the template is used.

Features & Benefits Of SOLIDWORKS Inspection

  • Easy to use – SOLIDWORKS Inspection saves over 80% of time in creating inspection reports and ballooned drawings with an easy to use interface.
  • Comparison tool – Drawing revisions can quickly be compare to the originals for a quick identification of changes.
  • Streamlined Process – To keep track of the dimensions and characteristics to inspect, sequentially numbered balloons are applied automatically. Inspection data sheets and reports are created fast and accurately.
  • Custom Project Templates – The built-in template editor helps in creating and using custom project templates to be pre-configured as per the requirements.
  • Fast & Accurate Quality Reports – SOLIDWORKS Inspection builds ballooned drawings, first article, and in-process characteristic reports in minutes, saving so many hours for the users.
  • Support for Multiple File Types – SOLIDWORKS Inspection supports various file types including PDF, TIFF, CATIA’s CATPart, CATProduct, CATDrawing, and 3DXML. DXF & DWG files. Reports can easily be exported to PDF, XLS, CSV or XML files.


  • Automatic Ballooning
  • Customized Inspection Reports
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Importing Measurements
  • Highlight Critical Dimensions
  • Quality Sampling Plans
  • 2D/3D Revision Management
  • File Management
  • PDF Drawing Comparison
  • Export Options
  • 2D/3D CAD File Support
  • SOLIDWORKS Part/Assembly File Support
  • Bonus Tolerance Support
  • Digital Measuring Tools Support
  • CMM Data Import
  • CMM Template Editor
  • Graphical Pass/Fail Status
  • Characteristics Measurements Input
  • Export Measurements
  • Colour-Coded Characteristics
  • Automatic Verification

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standard

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional