3DEXPERIENCE for Manufacturers


Build complex designs and accelerate production to get to market ahead of time while improving product quality. With all data saved securely on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, teams can access, share and manage your product information at any time, from anywhere and on any device.


Define and validate machining processes to program NC lathe and prismatic mill-turn machines. Manage CNC machines, accessories, tools, and tool assemblies in 3D to speed up NC programming by minimizing errors and maximize machine tool utilization. Easily create optimized toolpaths to reduce unnecessary movement, cut cycle time, and eliminate collisions. 

Production Engineer

Optimize scheduling and resource allocation, prevent bottlenecks, and achieve near 100% machine utilization, with complete visibility and traceability of the entire manufacturing process. Create and develop product line across multiple production processes, even with cutting downtimes, reducing time to market, increasing cost accuracy and improving product quality by developing efficient workflows in a collaborative environment. 

Collaborative Industry Innovator

Get maximized visibility into and control over critical business data at every step of the involved processes with features such as comprehensive data management, lifecycle management, revision and version control, workflow/route management, issue and change management, review and markup capabilities and task management.

Collaborative Business Innovator

Unite team members in all locations and within all disciplines in a secure shared environment that facilitates collaboration and builds knowledge sharing into business processes. Communities, instant messaging, information dashboards, powerful search capabilities and other features empower team members with critical information, validation, collaborative capability and helpful feedback.